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Where can i buy phentermine that does not make me want to urinate anon204429 Post 19 In Australia this is now controlled. No one can buy it from the government's authorized drug stores. That means in Australia even if you had a prescription it would not be allowed to sold on prescription. They still can sell it without a buying phentermine 37.5mg prescription. That's why the government is saying do not buy this from any internet, or anywhere else. anon190191 Post 18 I agree with this post. Generic ambien blue pill had to give up the drug that I could only get from an online source because of it being controlled. I'm just glad I got away from that. know this sounds crazy considering how legal it is, however in Europe it's regulated and approved. anon187056 Post 16 I've been on this drug since I was 12, so have no idea what it did to me, but now I have more to feel. just can't handle it. anon177576 Post 15 I have stopped taking this a year and half ago. In my experience, there has been no noticeable change in my mental state. I started off having a good memory, but later got sick of it. It is very pleasant when I take it, but don't see a need to use it anymore. anon171495 Post 14 I had taken phentermine buy uk phentermine for two years because it was prescribed by my doctor. It gave me a huge euphoric sensation, but no other negative effect. However, after reading many of the "how to" books on this website, I realized that phentermine isn't a drug, it's medicine. Phentermine is regulated by the FDA and there are only a handful of prescriptions written for it. Since taking this drug, I have had my vision blurred for a while, but it cleared up after a few months of taking it. I have only had cheap phentermine buy online two withdrawals and both times I was given six months to stop. I have a few prescription drugs in my body, including Phentermine. This is why I'm afraid to get rid of them. I am very afraid. view entire post anon162628 Post 13 I used phentermine for 8 weeks, not thinking of it a drug. After about month of use, the side effects started. "tiredness, fatigue, diarrhea, etc. can all be attributed to the phentermine side effects. One of my friends has been on it for 10+ years! All of the other people I know have been on it for about 5 to 7 years. I was shocked when took a dose myself and realized that I had become sick. The problem is that I would like to get off as soon possible. I really wish someone could help me save this horrible product. Please, please don't say it's a drug, make it medicine! anon161656 Post 12 Phentermine is a dangerous drug and I am so glad that didn't take it. I can not believe how bad its effects have been. I only took a month off and all my life I have wanted to use this drug. Now that I am so sick, feel totally out of control and have no friends as good me. I have so many dreams and things I want to do but never know when I will be able to do them. I had a friend send me text messages that read, "I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday" and "Tomorrow will be a very special day!" I want to think that if someone who I love sent that to me before my death that their spirit would visit and live on with me. God bless all of you who are still addicted to this and I pray for a quick end to the addiction. I am currently on a program to get off this drug while I fight addiction with everything have. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. view entire post anon144056 Post 11 I agree that it's probably better not to take it. However, it's not illegal for everyone to take it, either. One drug store in New York state told me they did not sell it. However, if they knew, didn't sell it to me. So, I guess that's an option. They may be selling it, but they just don't know who it was sold to! You've got to pay, though. And then the person may not tell you he/she sold it. anon141185 Post 10 I went from being a pretty healthy 25 year old man to being a bedridden 80 year Zolpidem tartrate 10 mg coupon old man. How is this possible? I don't know and it makes no sense. I am a very logical person by nature and no-one ever explained it to me. The only thing I know is that.

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